The graduates of “Neftchi” Sports Club have achieved 404 medals in the first quarter of the year

The athletes of "Neftchi” Sports Club have achieved great success in the first quarter of the year. Demonstrating great persistence our representatives have won 148 gold, 129 silver and 127 bronze medals and a total of 404 medals in the national and international championships during the first three months of the year. The sportsmen of the club have taken 1 medal (silver) in the world championships, 14 medals (4 gold, 3 silver,7 bronze) in the European championships and 104 medals (29 gold, 44 silver, 31 bronze) in the international championships. As well as, our athletes have achieved 124 medals (51 gold,30 silver, 43 bronze) in the republic championships, 109 medals (42 gold, 33 silver, 34 bronze) in the capital championships and 52 medals (22 gold, 18 silver, 12 bronze) in the other competitions.