“Garadagh Lokbatan“ rose to leadership by winning 3 points in the tour

In the first division of Azerbaijan Football Championship, the XII tour matches have been finished.

Within the framework of this tour, "Garadagh Lokbatan" team has been guest of the club with the same name in Zagatala. Although in the 12th minute of the first half the local team took the lead by scored the goal from the penalty spot, our football players haven’t lost their hope. After a while, our team has scored the draw goal in the 43rd minute. The teams have left for the break with this score. In the second half both home owners and guests have literally demonstrated zeal in order to score winning goal. However, the attacks of both teams were being inconclusive. Finally, in the 89th minute of the match, "Garadagh Lokbatan" has gone ahead by amazing goal of Aligulu Manafov – 2:1. And the match has ended with this score.

So, our team has brought up its points to 31 and has become the leader in the table.

After the game, the head coach of "Garadagh Lokbatan” Afgan Talibov said that: "Zagatala is a very difficult opponent. Despite this, the footballers played and we were able to win, consequently. If in the first half we didn’t score a goal, it would be very difficult for us. There are very strong and young players, flank players in the opposing team. But, we were the winning side with 3 points”

The experienced coach has expressed his opinions on preparations for the second round: "After the first round we want to hold better training camp. Because, it will be very difficult the second round. The growth is observed in the teams’ match, increasingly. Therefore, we will try to make efficient use of winter break and significantly increase the overall level of our team”.