Our athletes have successfully performed at the orienteering tournament in Ukraine

"Neftchi Sports Club” competed in the Memorial Cup-2018 Orienteering Tournament in Ukraine. Suleyman Aliyev took the 2nd place and Vladislav Tuzov won the third place in the tournament.

Suleyman Aliyev and Vladislav Tuzov competed among the men in the 21E category and Anna Kamayeva among the women. Suleyman Aliyev, who made the 12.4 kilometer distance for 2 hours 37 minutes, became the 18thand Vladislav Tuzov, who finished 2 hours 46 minutes, became 21th. Anna Kamayeva was ranked 18th among 9.8 kilometers.

On the last day of the tournament, athletes demonstrated their ability to run short distances. Suleyman Aliyev took the 12th place and Vladislav Tuzov took the 14th place in the race held on the Coast of Psel River. Among women, Anna Kamayeva was in the 9th place this time.