The athletes of “Neftchi Sports Club” had 673 medals in the first half of the year

"Neftchi Sports Club" Public Union, as always, has achieved great success and maintains its leadership. Thus, our athletes still retain their leadership due to the number of medals won in the first half of the year.During the first six months the year, the club's athletes have won 673 medals, including 205 gold, 189 silver and 279 bronze medals at the national and international championships. Our athletes have won 16 medals (4 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze) at the world championships and 33 medals (11 gold, 9 silver and 13 bronze) at the European championships and 51 medals at the international tournaments (13 gold, 18 silver and 20 bronze). They have won 229 medals (75 gold, 64 silver, 90 bronze) at the national championships, 198 medals (62 gold, 50 silver, 86 bronze) at the capital championships and 146 medals (40 gold, 43 silver and 63 bronze) at other championships.