"Garadagh Lokbatan" lost the victory at the last moment

XX tour matches has started at the I Division of the Azerbaijan Football. "Garadagh Lokbatan” team has been guest of "Bina”. In the first part of the match held at Bina settlement stadium, no goals have been scored. After the break, the player of "Garadagh Lokbatan”, Ruslan Taghizada has scored a goal in the 69th minute. In the 83rd minute, Seymur Abdullayev, player of the rival team, has also scored a goal -1:1. After 2 minutes, our player Aligulu Manafov has again hit a new goal - 2:1.  But at the last moment "Garadagh Lokbatan" lost the victory. At the extra time (90+2) the footballer of the rival team has hit a goal again and the score has ended in a draw - 2:2.